Baby Allergy and Flu Seasons

We’re past the flu season and while many moms debate whether to get vaccines, use homeopathic remedies versus store-bought… Sugar Plum began having allergy like symptoms. Luckily, people who attended my baby shower bought me many of the items you need for a sick baby, so that I would have the products on hand when I needed them. In addition, I bought every other item I didn’t already have. Here, I have rounded up my favorites and written reviews for the different solutions. Here’s what worked!


Kleenex vs. Boogie Wipes. I didn’t think I needed any special “Boogie wipes” when my daughter’s nose first started running; until that cute lil’ nose began turing a bright pink. Not only are the boogie wipes soft, but they have saline on them to help break up the remaining mucus in the nose. They get the job done, while also helping to break up any more mucus. Boogie wipes win this round.


Nose suckers. I think we can all agree we hate nose suckers [ and our babies do too!] With the bulb, I always felt I was going too far up her nose, but otherwise it seemed to get the job done pretty well. In fact, Sugar Plum even got used to me using it without screaming and writhing like a feral child. That was, until she got sick. Oh the multitude of mucus… I knew the bulb just wasn’t going to cut it. Even after using the bulb, I could still hear how congested Sugar Plum was. I didn’t want to do it, but I broke out the Nose Frida. The Nose Frida worked wonders… and even though it creeped me out [c’mon, it looks like you’re eating your little one’s boogers with a straw] I have to say, it wins this round.


Thermometers. I thought for sure the binky  thermometer would take the cake! Wrong. Despite being a binky girl, SUgar Plum gagged every time I put the binky thermometer in her mouth. Luckily, I had this other one on hand. The forehead thermometer is especially useful because you can use it on the child’s forehead when the cover is on…


but you can also pop the cover off and stick it in the child’s ear:


Last: I didn’t think a baby would really have a need for saline spray. I was naive. This Boogie Spray has made sucking her boogies out SO much easier. Like the wipes, the spray helps break up all of that congestion so I can get maximum efficacy when I use the sucker [trust me, you dont want to have to suction your kid’s boogies more than once per attempt.]


I hope this helps you choose what products to buy in preparation for this flu season, and will prevent you from running out and buying them all like I did. 

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