Quick, Easy Side


When I was almost 41 weeks pregnant, My mother had come out to help me do simple things that are not so simple for a 9 month pregnant woman. She taught me how to make this side, which is so stupid-easy and delicious, I wish I had been making for far longer. Now, Its my go-to side for most dinners [and a side that Hubby actually requests!]

Potato medley
Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
your favorite Season Salt

I’ve been doing a little more research on nutrition lately, and almost every source stresses the importance of eating many vegetables in a variety of colors. While this side isn’t the healthiest, it definitely is colorful!


Preheat your oven to 450, then start by cutting your tiny potatoes, into even smaller pieces.


Next, drizzle the olive oil over your purple, red and golden medley.
Then sprinkle your potatoes with your favorite season salt [I use Tastefully Simple]. Mix potatoes with your hands [or a spoon if you’re not in the mood for greasy, food fun…] so that all pieces are coated in olive oil, salty goodness.

Spread on a baking sheet with a rim [in case any of your olive oil spreads during the baking… don’t want to have to clean that off of the bottom of your oven later!]

Bake at 450 for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

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