Dinner Rolls with Honey Butter


Honey butter. Normally I’d think it gross for one to say that they could just eat butter, alone… by itself. That is until I made honey butter. I’ve been slathering this onto every carb I can think of.

Of course, I’m responsible for bringing dinner rolls to Thanksgiving so this is a legitimate excuse for me to “taste test” multiple batches and “practice” my recipe for Thanksgiving.

Well I’ve made an easy, delicious Martha Stewart recipe [found here] and I’ve also perfected this gluten free recipe for myself [found here]. Of course I’ve made about 3 batched of this delicious honey butter as well. Tis the season…


Any way, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, not only because I enjoy baking and taste testing… but because, like this snow, my seasonal depression has come early. I know it sounds ridiculous to some people… sadness being equated to the sunniness of the weather…. But when you grew up in a place where it was only cloudy 5 days out of the year? How can you expect me not to get depressed during a season when the sun seriously won’t make an appearance for weeks at a time?

If anyone has any tips for dealing with seasonal depression that don’t involve tons of baking and carb consumption please leave them in my ask! Otherwise, enjoy your holiday. [and these pictures of my delicious food].



[pleased with how the gfree rolls turned out. they’re even husband approved.]

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