Health-ify Unheathy Meals

I LOVE Chinese food. I especially craved it when I was pregnant, and I still love it now while I’m nursing. Of course there are a lot of fried, msg things involved in Chinese food, but if you do it yourself at home, you can make some of your favorite dishes a little less horrifying.


One of my favorites is orange chicken. Battered chicken, fried, and the smothered in a sugary orange sauce. Also fried rice [noticing a theme yet?]

Since I’m nursing, baby girl still needs me to be eating nutrient rich foods, and while this dish isn’t the healthiest, making a few changes allowed me to consume one of my favorites without a lot of the guilt.

I used Trader Joe’s mandarin orange chicken and their organic brown rice [found in the freezer section]. I baked the chicken as opposed to frying it and I also added some pan seared snow peas so our dinner wasn’t completely veggie free. In substitution for the fried rice, I found that the brown rice tasted pretty darn good in combo with the saucey chicken, as opposed to its bland taste when eating it solo.



How do you try to health-ify your favorite dishes?

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