Mommy Fashion

As a new mom, you aren’t left with highly fashionable choices. You want to be comfortable, you want clothes cheap enough that you don’t care what human-bodily-fluids may end up on them, they must also be functional for things like nursing and  bending over. Oh, and also, you’d like them to be cute.

I’ve decided to start a segment on this blog documenting any functional outfit I may come up with, that also makes me feel beautiful.


Living in Ohio means this area actually gets a legitimate fall time, complete with cold weather! The cold weather gives us momma’s a lot of cute options when it comes to accessorizing. You can wear a cute hat, cardis, boots, and of course, adorable, warm scarves! My mother-in-law got me those adorable moccasin boots [pictured above] for Christmas last year. It was breezy this morning so I knew I’d need leggings if I was going to wear my skirt.

Tops: Tops are especially difficult when you’re nursing. I have some amazing nursing tops, but today I opted for a nursing tank worn underneath a printed tee. The nursing tank allows for easy access [one-handed clips] and keeps my tummy covered when I go to lift the tee up for nursing. This is a pretty versatile option which allows you to still nurse in all your favorite pre-mommy tees!


[carids and delicate lil necklaces help to complete the look.]


Finally, try to do something with your hair and make up either before the baby wakes up, or right after a feeding when your child can be happy and content while you finish getting ready! I like to touch up just the top layer of my hair with a flat iron and smear on either some mascara or eyeliner [it has to be a pretty special occasion for me to wear both…]

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