Sunday Brunch

We’re church goin’ folk… and not your jeans-tshirt-mega-church type [not that there’s anything wrong with that type…] We’re the put-on-you-Sunday-it’s-the-Lords-day-best, kind of people. Sundays are a big production for us.


In the morning, there’s family cuddle time in Mom and Dad’s bed, then we all get dressed and ready for mass. Mass itself takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Then we all come home for brunch. We’re pretty simple during the week as far as breakfast and lunch go. Bowl of cereal… sandwich… nothing fancy. But Sundays are the days when we celebrate. Celebrate each other, celebrate our faith, and we take time to enjoy and relax.

I almost always prepare cheesy eggs with some bacon, along with some kind of indulgent libation. Brunch is a serious tradition ’round here. While it has become a staple in our weekend routine, I highly recommend it to any family. I know it can be tough to orchestrate a brunch with a bunch of little ones running around your ankles, so take your time. Brunch is supposed to be a leisurely activity [especially if its just with the family] so don’t feel any pressure.

It take a little more effort, but the the reward is well worth it, mama!


[a bev of my own invention: 1 part your favorite white wine, 3 parts OJ]

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