Diaper Bag Essentials

As a first time mom, I’ve learned many lessons the hard way. Our little Sugar Plum has become a seasoned traveler for only having been alive for 5 months, and I’ve had to come up with a solid list of essentials to survive all the trips we’ve been taking. I get a lot of questions about my favorite products are, so here are the things I couldn’t live without on a day-to-day basis.


First of all, why do I have a diaper BACKPACK instead of a diaper bag? Well for one thing, I wear my baby in a sling or a wrap… most of the time its a wrap. I had a diaper bag at first, but it kept throwing me off balance. I mean, I have a 12 + pound baby wrapped to my chest while trying to hold 3+ pounds of stuff on only one of my shoulders. The back pack distributes the weight more evenly, is hand free, and offers more room and compartments for storing things. Baby in the front, essentials in the back!

I have broken my essential items into three categories: diaper changing, clothing, and teething.

Diaper changing:


travel pack of wipes: pretty self-explanatory. you need wipes.
5 diapers: some one once told me to bring a diaper for each hour that you’re gone. I’m almost never gone for 5 hours without stopping, so that’s the average number I like to keep handy.
changing pad: this kate spade one has a cute print on one side, and plastic on the other for easy wiping.
butt paste: I have a travel size tube I always keep handy. For the times when I am traveling for 3+ hours, I need to give sugar plum a little smear of cream on her booty to avoid rashes. You can also keep Desitin handy, but I find butt paste to be a little more potent, and therefore more effective.
hand sanitizer: also self- explanatory… I know most of the time, you’ll be changing your baby in a place with a sink and soap, but trust me– some times you won’t! I’ve changed Sugar Plum in airport terminals, the backseat of our minivan, the great outdoors, etc.
arm&hammer, baking soda bags: This is one item I never would have thought to buy on my own [they were a shower gift]– in fact, I didn’t even know they existed, but these have saved me soooo many times. Sugar Plum has accidents from time to time, like any baby. So how do we contain those accidents until we can get home and do laundry? Baking soda bags. They contain the mess AND the smell. They’re also great if you don’t want to stink up some one else’s garbage; just put the dirty diaper in one of these bags, and that baking soda should contain the stench.



Bib: sometimes I’ll put a bib on Sugar Plum before we leave the house, but she still soaks through them fairly quickly. Its good to have a back-up, or just to have one on hand if you forgot to put one on your babe before heading out the door.
extra onesie: Back to having accidents… its always good to have a back up outfit! I don’t keep anything fancy in my diaper bag, usually just a plain onesie; long sleeve or short sleeve depending on the weather.
burp cloth: some times babies spit up…. on you. You’ll be using this frequently to clean yourself up.



Bink: Our little one rarely takes a pacifier, but its good to have just in case she wants it. Plus, the MAM brand comes in a microwavable sterilizer case!
Teether: Our favorite is Sophie the Giraffe. This smaller version easily slips into one of the pockets in our backpack. Its good for play time, or for when your babe has sore gums. The “S” curve makes it easy for Sugar Plum to grasp her little hands around, and hold it herself.
Teething medicine: I always keep a small dose of teething medicine in my bag. It doesn’t take up that much space, and while its rare for me to use it, its worth having on hand if your little one starts having a melt down while your out running errands.
Those are my must-haves! What do you have to have in your diaper bag?

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