Raising Girls


I am the oldest of 4, the other 3 siblings being boys. My mother gave me special time and attention for being the only girl. She tended to my female-specific needs, but when it came to making practical decisions for the whole family, things always revolved around the majority: boys. Understandable, of course, but like all children, I look back and think about what I would have done if I were the parent.

Well, now I am a parent. The thought of being in charge excites most children, but now that my number is up I’m terrified. Terrified that Sugar Plum will have to face the same problems I did: low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, sexual harassment, etc…. Terrified that I’m not equipped to teacher her how to navigate [or the best case scenario: avoid] these issues.


I stumbled upon this article that really empowered me when I read it and affirmed my ability to help my daughter in the future. Instead of a new recipe, today I wanted to share it with you instead.

Fast Company’s How To Raise Girls To Be Better 

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