Wine a Little

Let’s talk wine! Like many college graduates transitioning into full-blown adulthood, I am accustom to cheap, $6 bottles of Barefoot. I have been making an effort to expand my wine knowledge and try some different tastes. Luckily there are so many online resources to help wine newbies like myself.

During the holidays, my husband’s Italian relatives usually bring over a variety of wines for us all to try… In an effort to not look like a newbie again, when that time rolls around, I’m making a serious effort to expand my knowledge…. Also I need another excuse to drink wine other than, “I’m a mom”

First of all, lets talk about holding our wine glasses. If you’re holding a glass with a stem, you should actually hold the stem. That’s a piece of advice a good friend gave me when I had my first glass of wine while living in Austria. That’s why the stem exists, people! I know, you’ve seen actors on TV and in movies, grabbing that goblet by the bowl like its NBD, but it is a big deal.



You’re not Betty Draper, you’re not Olivia Pope [honestly, you wouldn’t want to be] Grabbing your beverage by the bowl warms the wine. Wine is best chilled. Do yourself a favor and hold it by the stem! You’ll look more sophisticated too…


See? However, if you’re truly not a fan of holding your wine glass properly, the universe created “stemless” wine glasses for you.

Another thing I learned recently decanting. Wine connoisseurs have fancy decanting equipment, but in reality, decanting is just letting the wine breathe, aka expose it to oxygen. You can do this easily by simply pouring the bottle of wine into a big pitcher, especially if you’re having a large party where you know you’ll use the whole bottle.

I plan to do more review on the wines I am to try in the future, but those are the tips I have for now!

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