My Gift-Giving Tips.

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As a momma, I know that we can some times leave things to the last minute. And while I love the thought of taking an afternoon to shop around for a thoughtful gift of a loved one, I know that really isn’t realistic anymore. However, I have a really easy solution to this problem, that helps me pick out great gifts at the last minute. Something Functional + Something Sentimental = perfect gift.

Since we just celebrated Mother’s Day, I’ll share with you the gifts I got for both my mother and my mother-in-law.

gift #1 – silicone oven mitt, silpat baking mat [functional]
and a custom greeting card with a collage of family photos on it [sentimental]
gift #2 – ghirardelli chocolate assortment [functional in that she needed a snack for her flight home]
and a custom mug with family picture collage printed on it

My husband has also adopted this method of gift giving and its done wonders for our relationship. I respond very well to receiving gifts, but sometimes if the gift is too functional, it borders on being offensive. For example, “Happy Mother’s Day, here’s a mop!” Now, I specifically asked for a Swiffer wetjet for Mother’s Day, which my husband bought for me, but he also wanted to appeal to my more sentimental side. So, in addition, he got me a set of mason jar, solar powered lanterns for our from yard [one of the main decorations at our wedding were mason jars…] This was incredibly sweet and satisfied both my emotional side and my functional side!

Other functional/personal gift pairings include:
picture frame/ a sentimental photo
chapstick/monogramed compact
slippers/ a handmade scarf or blanket
a new tote or reusable bag/filled with that persons favorite snacks

You can do more expensive combinations of gifts, but its always nice to receive something you KNOW you’ll use as well as something that warms the heart. Of course, you should always be grateful for any gift a person wishes to bestow upon you, as it is always a sign of love and appreciation to give anything away. But specifically for the people in your life whom you’ll give gifts to often, its nice to make that extra effort.

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