Royal Icing

When you consider what a baking fanatic I am, it’s embarrassing to consider that I hadn’t yet found a royal icing recipe that I could go-to for all my cookies.


This was my first attempt at a hard royal icing that allows you to stack your cookies! The icing came out well, but I just have to get better at spreading the glaze [notice the sloppy cookies].

I used these tips along with the recipe on the page.

It was a festive activity for me to do while Sugar Plum was taking naps [I think she’s almost over her sickness.]

I plan on using these for some home made gifts, which is why it was so important that this icing would harden, so I could stack the cookies into gift boxes. There are acquaintances who we’d still like to appreciate this Christmas season, even though we may not have the cash to splurge on some thing more luxurious for them.



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