Bathroom Makeover


Spring cleaning! There hasn’t been a better time to update some things around the house. The first room as victim was our bathroom. Before Hubs and I live in this house, he and his parents rented it out to a bunch of men attending the university down the street. Well, MIL and I did a thorough cleaning before I moved in but even still, I couldn’t quite push the idea of generations of men abusing the one and only bathroom in this house out of my head.

When we first married, I promised Hubs that I wouldn’t totally girl-ify the house. Some promises were meant to be broken! It seemed the only thing that could fix my disdain for the bathroom was to add a few feminine touches.

I always loved my chevron shower curtain that I had first purchased when putting together our wedding registry. Lately, it had been sitting in the linen closet because I had put a clear, plastic, practical curtain in its place; but I decided it was time for the chevron’s resurrection.  I grabbed a floral storage bin from under my bed and used it to hold a lighter, body lotion, an extra roll of toilet paper, and air sprays on the back of the toilet, easy for guests to locate. I also picked up a cute canvas which I used as the color scheme for the update. A candle here, a new hand towel there… and my bathroom feels fresh and new, without any major remodeling! Also, the best part was that I was able to make these updates happen for under $30 with a few small items.





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