Flying with Baby

Its one of the most terrifying things you’ll ever do as a parent.


How am I going to get through security with all my baby crap?
What if she screams the entire time?
What if the other passengers gang up on me with dirty looks?

Throw those worries out the window. I have compiled my best travel tips and tricks for you all! I’m from California, as you know… But did you know its a whopping 5+ hour trip to get there!? We just got home from our Christmas trip so I thought I’d share how I survived with you all!  Now I have already provided you with my diaper bag essentials, but this is the mega list of essentials for traveling with baby!


Tip 1: I know Im usually all for the fashionable diaper bag, but for a trip like this, its better to use the backpack in tandum with some type of baby carrier. This leaves your hands free to hand TSA agents boarding passes/IDs and they also let you keep the baby in it’s carrier throughout the security checkpoint.

What you’ll need:
-changing mat: not only is it good for avoiding yucky changing tables, but this one is plush enough for impromptu naps during layovers in the terminal.
-hand sanitizer: for after a messy diaper change, or for after touching anything in the airport really…
-arm&hammer trash baggies: to contain messes and smelly diapers
-A small book: entertainment
-A small toy: preferably one that can clip onto your bag
-food: depending on how old your babe is you may or maynot need this. My cousin is a nurse and she says to add 1/2 a dose of ibuprofen to these pouches to help baby’s ears and help them sleep on long flights.
-boogie wipes: airplanes are dry, and these wipes with saline, help a lot.
-extra clothes: for some reason, babies get explosive poops at high altitudes… you can never be over prepared!
-desitin: Do not forego the desitin because chances are baby will end up sitting in a wet diaper for longer than normal and will need some relief!
-cup/bottle/breast/something to suck: to avoid baby screaming during ascent and descent, nurse or feed you baby at these times. The sucking helps baby’s ears pop.


Tip 2: I recommend tucking your extra outfits into a couple of the arm&hammer bags. When destruction inevitably strikes, you can take the clean outfit out, and put the messed out fit in.

Tip 3: I am a big advocate of wearing your baby through security in a wrap. You don’t have to mess with a stroller, and they just frisk you with that little wand thingy, without requiring you to take your baby out of the wrap. Baby in the front, diaper bag on your back… its too easy!

Tip 4: make sure you put your desitin, baby food, and hand sanitizer in a sandwich-sized ziplock bag before you go,  since most airports still require you to “claim” any liquids you have.


Tip 5: Obviously, don’t forget these essentials! I said in my diaper bag post to bring 1 diaper for every hour you’re gone… Well, bring extra when flying. There may be unexpected delays and you’ll end up being gone longer than expected without the proper supplies.

Tip 6: My babe is EBF, but if you have a baby on formula or on purees, there are separate guidelines for bringing food through security. Usually, the rule for liquids is you can have no more than 3, 3 ounce containers. Luckily, they are a little more laid back with baby food, but make sure you “claim” your items to a TSA agent before sending your bags through the x-ray.



Mommy needs to be prepared too! Wear some thing comfortable, but not too cute [as baby may have an accident on you! [Tip 6: try to squeeze an extra shirt for yourself in that diaper bag!] If you’re a nursing mama, make sure its a nursing top or something else that gives you quick, easy access. I also bought this cute “pearl” necklace from “Mommy Designs” on etsy. It’s made out of safe silicone that baby can chew on. Its a good way to sneak in a second toy that also makes your look a little cuter.

My last “mommy essential” is yoga pants. I guess that’s no surprise… but I’m still going to give an explanation: 1) they are incredibly comfortable 2) if your child has an accident, or some thing spills on you, wearing black really helps to camouflage all the messes.  Happy traveling!

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