Berry Smoothie


Mornings in our house are rushed… even if we don’t plan to leave the house for the day, I still have to put on pajamas or yoga pants regular clothes, feed Sugar Plum, and get her situated to be happy long enough for me to even begin making my breakfast. Then, I usually have to scarf it down, while also making eye contact with my baby in some way, because, SEPARATION ANXIETY. Yes, this is much easier to do when I have a breakfast that doesn’t require cooking, can be held in one hand, and quickly sucked through a straw. Oh yeah, and its nutritious.

What you need:
– small handful of spinach
-1 Tb of blueberry flax seed meal [mine is from Trader Joe’s]
-1 Tb chia seeds
-1.5 cups of vanilla almond milk
-1/2 c. of water
-1/4 c, blackberries
-1/2 c. frozen blueberries

Blast these ingredients in your blender or nutribullet for about a minute and enjoy! Some people in the Baby Led Weaning community even offer their little one’s these type of smoothies in cups with straws so they can get some extra veggies, hidden in a smoothie with a flavor they prefer, so keep that in mind all you momblrs! Also, it comes out in a cool purple color [my favorite].





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