Kitchen Makeover

*Flashback to when I made-over our kitchen!* Have some Spring cleaning to do?


Our kitchen has been a work in progress for a long time, which I take full responsibility for. Pinterest is a great tool, but it can also be overwhelming at times. I pinned so many beautiful ideas and I just couldn’t decide which direction to take my interior design. I knew for sure I wanted yellow [I try to incorporate bright colors into every room… mostly to try and offset my seasonal depression]. But yellow with what? Yellow and grey always seemed to edgy and modern, yellow and blue seemed a little too bright. For awhile, I was mixing the yellow with my peacock and lemon grass colored fiestaware and that was most certainly too bright. I came back to the yellow and soft grey and KNEW I could do the color scheme without it looking too modern.

First things that had to go were the old, blue, picnic-basket-esque curtains. Those curtains were the main reason I was trying to keep blue in the scheme. Finally I triumphed over my own laziness, walked into Joann’s and made some window treatments of my own, in a fabric I loved:


The rest of the kitchen just required some deep cleaning [imagine that!]


I also have been holding on to some artwork that I had every intention of hanging in the kitchen, but just never got around to it. I was inspired when I received this adorable marquee light in our family gift exchange. When we got home, I dug up the adorable “Breakfast Princess” print my husband had purchased for me when we first got married, and she finally reigns in our kitchen!



Also got around to hanging up this adorable peacock chalkboard I picked up at a flea market 5 years ago… I had intended for it to be a wedding decoration, but never found a use for it at the actual wedding [much to my dismay]


I’ve come to collect some pretty colorful kitchen utensils over the years, so I picked my most useful, and most eccentric pieces to display on my counter in a cute mason jar


I am so happy to finally have a kitchen that feels fresh, and my own style!

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