Waiting Room Humiliation

* #tbt to this popular post, affirming all the mamas out there *


Dear Mom, yes, you the mother who is sitting two seats away from me in the waiting room of our chiropractor; I see you. I see you mortified as your son runs and opens one of the exam room door while an elderly woman is having her back adjusted. I see you struggle to get your fussing baby out of her car seat while telling your other three year old to behave. I see you exasperated, with your bra sticking out of your shirt from the last feeding. I see you scared as your little boy runs out of the front door of the office into the parking lot. I see flustered as you walk back in with him, baby on your hip, scolding him. I see you embarrassed as he yells “shit” at the top of his lungs because he just heard it from your own mouth as you tried to save him from a car, in reverse, in the parking lot. I see you are sad because you often neglect your youngest child to wrestle and teach the others.

I don’t feel bad for you, and I don’t pity you. I look up to you. As I sit next to you with my quiet 8 month old, I see how strong you are. I see you’re a fighter. I see that you are sacrificial, trying, quick, and brave… and I hope I am like you some day.

I don’t pretend to be better than you. I am not under the delusion that my child is better than yours, or that I have more control over my children than you because parenthood is hard, and our children are relentless.

I wanted to help. I even asked the receptionist if I could pay your co-pay but you have killer insurance that covers all your visits. I wish I could have bought you a drink, or applauded you in some way… because you are an awesome mother, and I doubt you are told that very often.


  1. mariaholm · May 31, 2015

    As a mother you have to be quick in reactions and to be prepared for anything at anytime. Many years after you look back and long for the past


    • mrssamantha · June 1, 2015

      Too true! It’s a tough job, and some days you wish it would end…. in hindsight however, you long for your little ones to be little again!

      Liked by 1 person

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