Easiest cake pops!

With Baby’s 1st birthday coming up, I thought I’d resurrect this recipe!


Traditional cake pops are a little labor intensive. Ideally, you are supposed to bake a cake, smash it up with frosting, roll it into balls, and then dip those balls in a chocolate coating. Doesn’t seem worth the effort right? Wrong, cake pops are delicious….

But if you’re looking to minimize the time it take to make these delicious morsels, I have a solution for you!

In the back of most grocery stores, there are racks containing “day old” baked goods. Now, these options are always changing, but more often than not, there are cakes, cupcakes, and whoopie pies about to expire. No baking required!

I picked up 4 medium sized whoopie pies [two cake patties, filled in between with frosting]. I tossed them into my mixer using the paddle attachment on low speed. I added 1/4 c. of my own frosting, not because it necessarily needed it, but I wanted extra flavor and a creamier texture. Then I rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate [I used melted “Enjoy Life chocolate chunks]. SO easy! The whole process only took me about 45 minutes which is NOTHING compared to the time is take to make traditional cake pops.




Check you grocery store for day old baked goods. Its quick, easy, and even cheaper to use a day-old, pre-made cake!

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