A Mother’s Love

*A throwback to how I celebrated Sugar Plum’s first Valentine’s Day, and a reflection on how my mother always celebrated it with us*


Valentine’s day was always special for me growing up. Not only because its a Catholic feast day, but because my mom utilized it to express to her kids how much she loved us. She would decorate the dining room with red streamers, write each of us a meaningful card telling us the reasons she loved us, as well as making us a special heart-themed breakfast. As the oldest sibling of what was considered to be a “big family” in California, [trust me, we’re no Duggars…] it was nice to feel appreciated and affirmed when most of the time, you’re fighting your siblings for the attention of your parents.

As I made the transition to adolescence, Valentines from my mother became increasingly important. Of course, so did Valentines from boys, but that’s really besides the point. It became more than just “reasons I love you.” My mother taking time to make Valentines special for her children was a true affirmation of our person hood and our individuality. As the only girl, I felt like it was also a special ode to my womanhood and femininity. I was never solely focused on whether a boy would bring me candy or carnations, I knew that I was loved and cherished in my home first and foremost.

While Sugar Plum is our only child at the moment, and still very little, I still wanted to start the celebration of doing something special for her. I got her that adorable Minnie plush that you see pictured above… She has several Minnie dolls, but this one was so chic, with it’s hot pink skirt and metallic polkadots, That I simply could not pass it up! It put a big smile on her face too, which made it worth the trouble.


I also made her an actual breakfast of eggs and strawberries! To be honest, I breastfeed out of laziness. There are no dishes to do, nothing to cook… I usually can just get her on my lap to breastfeed, and then we’re done! But today, I decided to put in a little more effort to give her a nice treat.


It is easy to say “my kids know I love them,” but children really do respond to actions their parents take to make them feel love and accepted in a household. I look forward to sharing this tradition with my future children, despite the extra effort it may take… and I am so thankful to my mother for the sacrifices she made to make each of us feel adored.

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