One-der Woman

However much fun I had planning parties for adults, has only been amplified after having a baby. I was so excited and tickled with myself when I thought of the ONE-der Woman theme, that I couldn’t wait to get started. Since Bella’s birthday was on Memorial Day this year, I had no problem finding star-spangled decorations for this affair. I was tempted to sell-out and buy hand made. Wonder Woman themed decor from Etsy, but instead decided to just play with the colors, and add small touches of the comic heroine here and there. Overall, I’d say everything looked pretty adorable.
DSC_1885 DSC_1884
Usually when I host any event, I get anxiety over what food I should have, dishes I’ve overdone [cocktail meatballs], things that are maybe to ambitious [macarons], but planning her first birthday involved no stress because Is imply made all of Bella’s favorite foods. Cherry tomato and cucumber kabobs, cheddar bunnies, berries, and the main course was catered by Chick-fil-A, which Sugar Plum got a taste for while we were on vacation [the grilled chicken only, of course] 

Once your kids grow up, and start having their own likes/dislikes, its not as easy to pick a theme for them. Both being comic book nerds, J and I were thrilled that we forced at least one nerdy birthday party on our child!
DSC_1888  DSC_1889
As fun as the party was, it would not have been enjoyable for me if my parents had not been able to make it in from California. I was happy when my mom booked her ticket [and ordered those cute, personalized m&m’s for the party] but I was absolutely thrilled when my dad said he would be able to make a pit stop at our house before heading on to a business trip on the East Coast. Despite all the other sugary goodies we had at the party, that was the best treat I could have asked for.

Overall, Sugar Plum was a little overwhelmed by being the center of attention. She likes independent play, and hates loud noises. Ha. Birthday parties are pretty much a recipe for disaster for her. It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse. She slept through at least 2 hours of her party, so that was 2 hours of her not fussing and being afraid to be held by family. I was irritated at first, because every one wanted to know why she was still sleeping, and I was racked with anxiety and the preassure to go wake her up to see company. I’m so glad I didn’t because she wound up over-exhausted and miserable after everyone left, despite having had a nap during the party! You have to just go with the flow when you’re throwing a party for little ones. Some love the attention and wan to do everything at once, others [like my dear child] are easily overwhelmed and need time to warm up to company, presents, and cake. 

It’s pretty clear from the doe-eyed pictures that my child was perpetually in a state of being startled, but there were small, candid moments when I did see her face light up, and that made every thing worth it..
DSC_0225 DSC_0199

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