In Defense of Social Media

Since social media sites and apps have EXPLODED within the past few years, some groups have actually launched campaigns against social networking. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for “living in the moment,” putting down the screen to actually experience life first-hand, but does this really require the demolition of every site and app containing your photos and thoughts?


Yes, it is embarrassing to have potential employers  looking at your college photos, so delete them or hide them. Yes, strangers can see photos of your children, that is, if you don’t set them to private. Some times its tempting to Instagram every cute selfie you have from vacation, instead of just enjoying vacation, so why not limit yourself to using social media for only an hour during down time?

Are we really a generation that’s all or nothing? Have we no self control? Are we so addicted to our devices that we have to use them religiously or not at all? I refuse to accept that.

I have lived away from my family for 6 years now. I was close to my whole family, cousins and all, until one day, God picked me up and moved me to the other side of this country [seemingly] to never return again.  When I go home for a visit, all my conversation starters, I get from facebook. “Oh Lizzie! I saw you got the job at Hotel Del, do you like it?” Is it possible to hear about familial accomplishments through the grapevine? Of course! But let me tell you, the grape vine becomes a lot longer, and a lot thicker when you’re 2,000 miles away with a 3 hour time difference. I was able to stream a video of my daughter crawling for one of the first times to every one in my family instantaneously. Yes I could have called them the next day and told them “Sugar Plum learned to crawl last night” but based on the reaction and feedback I got from allowing my family to experience my daughters growth, I’d like to give a big THANK YOU  to Mark Zuckerberg instead of going inactive on social media.

So keep your tumblr, your facebook, and your instagram… just take time to chill out and disconnect every once and awhile. Have some self control, and stay connected to the ones that you love.

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