Keeping in Touch


Since my parents just left after a really fun visit, I’m craving some face time and conversation with them again. In this day and age of smartphones and social media, it can feel like we’re really good at checking up on long distance family and staying in the loop…. Of course, what people choose to post on a public forum versus what they would actually tell you in a one-on-one conversation, varies with a wide margin. Even though we feel perpetually “plugged in” to our families lives, I have been looking for new ways to keep in touch PERSONALLY with my parents and brothers.


All of Bella’s uncles [and eventually aunts and cousins…] live far away, and that reality of that fact has really ignited the “keep in touch” spirit within me. I feel like I utilize FaceTime and Skype, so I asked you all on facebook what other ways you like to keep in touch

Short Phone Calls – 10 or 15 minutes, but done everyday. This is a simple and quick way to stay connected but with a more personal touch. It really doesn’t take that much more effort than a wall post or a text, but is so much more personable!

Snail Mail –  Don’t underestimate the power of post! We are so desensitized by electronic messages that it is actually exciting to receive cold hard mail. Who knew you could keep in touch and put a smile on some one’s face for 34 cents [stamps still cost 34 cents right?]

Google+ hangouts – I made a Google+ account forever ago when we all thought it was going to knock facebook off the social media throne, but then I never began using it [hence, facebook reigns supreme] but apparently, you can video chat with a whole group of people. This is good for the kid who came from a big family and really misses that carefree time spent just chatting with their loved ones.

Videos and Pictures – Maybe no one in your family is available to Skype, but texting them a picture that they can open and look at later is always a nice surprise. Online, we always see pictures marketed for the hundreds of people on your friends list, but mom still appreciates that no make up, just woke up selfie because, well, she gave birth to it. Maybe you don’t want to post a picture with your babies butt cheeks online for the world to see, but you know your brother would think it was hysterical… go on, send it! It will give you some thing to talk about later when you DO have time to Skype. It’s also nice to make even a 10 second video personally tailored to the recipient. “I love you mom” goes a long way.

esides Facebook and Skype… what are your favorite ways to keep in touch with family?

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