Mommy Make Up


This is a 5 minute make over, you guys. 5 MINUTES. There’s no reason a mama can’t throw together this look! You know, when I was in college I used to give up wearing make up for Lent. Once I had a baby, I pretty much gave it up every day 😛 But seriously… going through this quick routine in the morning, helps me to feel a little more confident though out the day [especially when my husband walks through the door around 5pm]

It’s not so much the make up, but the reservation of time I leave for myself to just do some thing indulgent. Putting on make up is a feminine ritual we start so young [some times too young, but that’s for another time…] and then we abandon it for the greater good of caring for a little newborn. Then, we reinstate the ritual for the greater good… of our confidence and sanity…

Anyway, enough chat! Here is my 5 minute make up routine that makes such a huge difference in my day!


First I pull back my hair so I can easily apply my tinted BB cream. Tinted BB cream is an amazing invention, and I feel like it was made specifically for moms. It’s a combination of a skin care moisturizer, with the look of a foundation. This seriously cuts down the time in my make up routine and looks amazing. Next I curl my eyelashes and swipe on mascara

Next, I just do a thin line of eyeliner. I used to have that vintage, cat eye look EVERY DAY, and while I looked Audrey-Hepburn-chic, the winged liner was too ambitious and frustrating once I began racing the clock to get ready in the morning with a newborn. Finally, I just swipe on a little bit of lip balm and I’m ready for the day!


Of course, it never hurts to do your hair too….. Give it a try! You’ll feel so much better!

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