Spicy Meatloaf


Hands down, this is one of my favorite paleo recipes. Of course, it has bacon in it, but it also has a spicy Mexican flavor going for it that transports me to my warm, sunny hometown in every bite; helping me to forget that I’m actually living in this Ohio winter hell.

I’ve been recreating several reciepes from PaleOMG lately, and this meatloaf is definitely one you should visit the original link for. Also, our friends at PaleOMG have a delicious spicy mayo to go with this meat loaf that I just simply can’t take the credit for.


Sides: Sweet potato is a great option for this dish. the sweetness compliments the spiciness of the meatloaf. We did a golden sweet potato mash with some cherry tomatoes on the side and it was HEAVENLY.

I have to admit, my eating habits haven’t been the best lately, but it’s recipes such as this that remind me eating grain and dairy free can still be delicious! Now that is motivation, people!



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