Father’s Day Gift Picks

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I’m a crafty person, so any holiday or reason to celebrate fills me with excitement and anticipation. Even If I’m not going to put together a bunch of themed crafts, I’m at least going to hunt for adorable themed products to use or give as gifts. Fathers Day is the best of both worlds. Whether the holiday was manufactured by department stores or not, it’s a good opportunity to tell dad how much we appreciate his hard work. I already have a strategy for gift giving that I use for every holiday, but Father’s Day is particularly fun because the kiddos get to help with the more sentimental gifts. I’ve been scouring the internet and think I have found my favorite gifts.

1. This triple frame idea is adorable! You can do any craft on top from finger painting, to hand prints, or a drawing… then add a picture and sweet sentiment below and you’re done! A gift and a card, all in one.
2. If you’re not feeling too crafty, that’s ok! I love this frame from Jc Penney. It fits in with our décor at home, but can also look great at Dad’s work desk.
3. Since babies are limited in crafting skills, a personalized onesie is a cute way to go. My husband and I are both on the nerdier side, so I couldn’t resist this kryptonite onesie! via etsy
4. A handmade docking station for all his STUFF. I mean, you’re the one cleaning it up half the time, right? When Hubs leaves his wallet and keys on the coffee table, our babe goes right for them. This is a stylish and functional piece that I found on etsy.
5. While Father’s Day is a day for the kids to show dad some love, he’ll also love a card from his wife, you ARE the reason he’s a father, afterall! etsy.com
6. This “we flippin’ love you” spatula is sure to cause a few chuckles, while also being functional (hello summer grilling!) etsy.com
7. When in doubt, whip up dad’s favorite treat! Never underestimate how appreciative men are when you’ve handmade some goodies just for them. My husband loves these cookies, even though they’re gluten free, and they’re always a nice surprise for him after a long day at work.

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