The transition from Spring into Summer is one that I highly anticipate. After long winters, being couped up, indoors with my little sugar plum, I crave that hot summer sun!

Being a California girl, I had never experienced fireflies. In fact, I wasn’t entirely sure they were real. I thought they were apart of some mythology, like fairies. When my parents and I first visited the university [that I would eventually attend and meet my future husband…] we were driving around the town at dusk, and noticed a small meadow tucked behind a side-street. There were small, lime green lights flickering all around. Being a New Jersey girl, my mom immediately knew it was a field of fireflies. My dad pulled the car over and parked as my mom and I hopped out. We spent about an hour, off of that side street, watching and trying to catch the fireflies. I don’t sincerely appreciate many things about living in this area, but I do genuinely look forward to when the fireflies emerge. The only problem is, they seem to be coming out later and later into the summer. Last year, I think they came out during the 4th of July, which is fairly late when you consider there are already back-to-school commercials airing on TV by that time.

Recently, as we were driving home from Hubs’ parents’ house the other evening, I was looking out the window at the woods surrounding the highway when I saw a small flicker of light. I thought perhaps our headlights had caught some reflector or piece of garbage, until I started to see more and more… They flashed so quickly, like static. The more I focused my vision I could see that the woods was full of fireflies! I was elated, because June is just beginning and they’re already out; meaning, I get to enjoy these beautiful fireflies for a whole summer!

Here are other things I love about Ohio summers:

Grater’s Buckeye Blitz. It’s a flavor that is exclusive to Ohio and it is DELICIOUS. Chocolate fudge, swirled in chocolate ice cream, with bits of peanut butter cookie dough throughout… That’s buckeye perfection.

No Fires. In California, pretty much any other season is preferable to summer, only because the dry heat increases the risk of mass fires dramatically. In Ohio, massive fires are nearly impossible thanks to the frequent summer storms and humidity.

Seasonal activities. In the winter, many things are shut down in this area. Of course the more obvious outdoor activities are impossible during Ohio winters, but even some food establishments and ice cream shops stay closed for up to 4 months during the winter. You have a new appreciation for everything seasonal when summer comes back around.

Memorial Day. This marks the official beginning of summer for the Ohio Valley. All the public pools are closed until Memorial Day.

Patriotism. Memorial Day and 4th of July just aren’t about pools and ice cream. People in this area truly love the USA and have enough red, white, and blue decor to prove it. Every city in the county has their own way of showing this American pride. My husbands hometown displays American flags on every street light lining their Main St. downtown.


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