Doritos Casserole.


I know many of my recipes are paleo, gluten free, or just pretty clean in general. This is not one of those recipes. However, its a cleaner variation on a casserole my mother in law made for us awhile ago [the husband loves doritos…] and I wanted to recreate it since Hubs liked it so much.

Some thing you should know about the relationship between my husband and I: we balance each other. I know that sounds like a “pro” but the con is this: its a constant struggle. When I want to pay whatever price necessary for organic and whole foods, he wants to buy only what’s on sale and what he has a coupon for. The “pro” is this casserole, a combination of organic goodness, and a layer of doritos that he scored for a deal.

What you need:
-a bag of doritios
-1 lb. of lean ground beef
-taco seasoning
-1 avocado [cut in half]
-2 cups of cheese
-1 cup Horizon organic sour cream
-1 cup salsa
-1 small, fresh tomato
-any other delicious, mexican themed toppings

Preheat oven to 350. Begin cooking the ground beef on medium heat in a skillet. In a large mixing bowl, combine HALF of the avocado, the sour cream, 1 CUP of cheese, and the salsa, and set aside. Finish cooking the meat, then add taco seasoning, making sure the meat is evenly coated with it. Pour the meat into the bowl with the sour cream mixture and combine. In a 9×13 pan, layer doritos on the bottom. Smash enough of them for the layer to be flat, but not so much that you only have crumbs. The doritos will act as a crust when you cut the finished casserole, and help each serving to hold a square shape. Next, spread the entire meat mixture over the doritos. Sprinkle more doritios crumbs on top, then sprinkle the other cup of cheese on top. Bake, uncovered, for 30 minutes. Cut and serve in squares, and add fresh tomato and lettuce on top. Delicioso!


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