A Day at the Park

DSC_1893 DSC_1894

Did you know that this part of the Ohio Valley sees as much sunshine at Seattle? At first, I didn’t believe it. After working as a groundskeeper for a few years and racing thunderstorms to get my work done, I started to change my opinion. In Ohio, you literally must seize the day if you want to get the most out of the summer sun. Now, I could sit here and complain about how I shouldn’t have to graciously take advantage of the same sun, that shined 350 days out of the year in my hometown… but people have been helping me change my perspective on living here lately.


Last Saturday we went to a graduation party. I wanted to attend the party without having to drive 2 hours to get there [the party was somewhere on the North East side of Pittsburgh…] I was so glad we made the drive upon arriving though. We got to see family who had never met Sophie, hang out in an enormous, beautiful park, and take advantage of the sunshine. It was a good thing we got there when we did too, because upon our departure, the floodgates of Heaven unleashed on that park and a huge summer storm blew through that area. The rain was so loud, it woke sugar plum from her car-ride nap.

DSC_1906 DSC_1912

Even though I’m lazy and hesitant on many days, days such as that, at the park, encourage me to be a little more adventurous! Carpe Diem, mamas!

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