Things I Learned in My 20’s

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I’m only 23, but I still have some wisdom to share

1. Be adventurous – go someplace you’ve never been before. It doesn’t have to be as grand as a trip around Europe; take time to explore the places around you.
2. Interact – Whenever my husband and i travel somewhere, we end up meeting at least one person who just needs a listening ear. It’s ok to be late to your next activity if it means offering some one love and compassion that they may not have experienced for a long time. Whether it be a neighbor, or a completely stranger, practice compassion and listen to their story.
3.Be alone. Some times being alone with our thoughts can seem intimidation [think Reese Witherspoon in Wild…] but I believe that time of reflection is a time for self-knowledge, discovery, and growth. It’s even better if you journal it.
4. Be together. Just because your “working on yourself” doesn’t mean you have to swear off dating or falling in love. Don’t get me wrong, being single is a necessary part of life, but don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith on someone either. Its ok to have boundaries and rules, but don’t let those inhibitions keep you from missing out on a meaningful relationship with some one. The second I decided I was going to be free, single, and only focus on myself… is the same month that I met the man who would become my husband. If I had refused to date him just on the principle of *wanting* to be single, I don’t even want to imagine what my life would be like now.
5. Do that think you’ve always wanted to do.  – I had always wanted to try out a pixie cut. Even though I had put on an extra 15 pounds after my wedding, I still chopped all my hair off. Was it the most flattering look for me? Probably not, but I am young, still figuring out who I am, and what I like [and I don’t like how I look with a pixie cut] It’s hard to figure out what you like or don’t like if you never have the courage to do it. I also thought I was going to be an all-star babysitter, but after doing daycare for 9 months, I discovered I hated it. Your 20’s are a time for helping you discover your passions. Start by trying out what you *think* your passions are, and the universe will help you narrow it down [trust me]

I’ll be making a series out of this twenty-something wisdom, so check back periodically!

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  1. Lili · June 8, 2015

    smart young lady =)


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