Why Blog?


Why does anyone care what you cook for dinner? Why would they care what you did with your daughter today? This generation is so self-centered…. Is it?

Writing is a pretty common practice, and have been for centuries– specifically journaling!

At times it can seem as self-obsessive as taking a selfie, when in actuality, writing is a way for a person to reflect, grow, and keep an autobiography of their life. Why is this important? Because every human life is important. Your thoughts and experiences are unique to your person! In this millennium, millions of human experiences are kept on the web, immortalized, even. We may not see the value in it now, and we may not ever, but the ones who come after us might. Think about how the world has changed in your life-time. The generation of teens currently in high school were too young to remember 9-11. Wow. Me, on the other hand, I remember waking up to my mom shouting at the television as the second plane crashed into the towers. Maybe, some day will want to know what it was like to witness that. Think about how different our world would be with our the Diary of Anne Frank? I’m not trying to be dramatic, but as readers, we invest our time into stories that force us into empathy with the author, but in the case of journals, they’re not just stories. They are real, raw experiences and emotions of the person who lived them.

So maybe people don’t care how much sleep I got last night, what I made for dessert, or how many teeth Sugar Plum has… but that doesn’t mean my chronicling of it is worthless. Strive to genuinely express yourself, because that is priceless, even if you’re your own audience.

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