Mommy Fashion

NURSING – So, it’s been awhile since I’ve added to this series and I wanted to take time to share my favorite, fashionable NURSING pieces with you! Not to brag but I have a very well-endowed figure. It sounds like it would be a good thing, but when we’re talking about exposing ourselves in public to feed the baby, it’s nice to have a discreet yet fashionable solution.

milk Nursingwear – I can not say enough good things about this line. I have 4 tops from them, all different styles and I love every single one. They are extremely discreet without being at all frumpy. In fact, I find many of their tops to be quite modern and fashionable, especially for young mothers. I think you’ll agree:

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figure8 maternity – Usually, I hate nursing clothes that double as maternity clothes. A very few percentage of women actually nurse another child while being pregnant, and if you’ve just given birth, you don’t want to wear clothes that make it look like you’re still pregnant! When it comes to dresses, figure8 knows what they’re doing. There is enough fabric to accommodate a bigger belly, but it falls gently flat over postpartum tummies, without giving you a pregnant look. I invested in a tank top style dress that I can wear in the summer as-is, or with a cardigan in the fall and early spring. I’m currently tempted to buy this short-sleeved style:


Bravado Essentials Tank- I actually discovered this brand through the figure8 website, but you may have heard of mommy celebrities like Kristen Bell who love their products. I was skeptical because of the $50 price tag for just an essentials tank, but I PROMISE you, it’s worth the cost! I had been going through Target brand nursing tanks every month, which was costing me more than if I would have just invested in a quality tank. So, after countless recommendations from other busty friends of mine, I bought one. WOW, is all I can say! Not only does it offer impressive support, but it shapes your bust to have the look and feel of pre-pregnancy breasts. Now THAT is worth $50 and then some. And the other great thing about a nursing tank, is that you can wear almost any top over it. With the way it smoothes and shapes your figure, you’ll be back, looking great in all your pre-pregnancy tops in no time, while still being able to nurse baby! Just make sure if you’re ordering online, you get correct measurements according to their sizing chart. You can by a tape measure for $1 at any fabric store to take home measurements. This will save you a lot of disappointment and hassle.


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