Baby Ice Cream Pops


When Sugar Plum first started teething, I would make her little popsicles out of breastmilk to soothe her gums. Now that she’s older, she still has to deal with getting new teeth, but we have more of a variety of ingredients to choose from for her popsicles!

I was excited to experiment with popsicle recipes when I stumbled upon these adorable, under the sea themed molds. The silicone makes it especially easy to push the popsicles right out. I was so impatient waiting for them to freeze!


This is a healthy recipe I came up with that tastes great (so you both can share one!)

What you need:
1 package of yobaby or yokids  organic yogurt (we used yokids strawberry vanilla)
5 large-medium strawberries
1/2 cup of grapes
1/2 cup blueberries
3 cups of cashew, coconut or almond milk
1 cup of spinach
popsicle molds


*if this recipe isn’t sweet enough for you, try adding a Tablespoon of honey or agave nectar

Blend in a blender or nutribullet. Pour into popsicle molds, and let freeze. Enjoy!

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