Hello Fresh!


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband is the king of finding cheap deals on pretty much anything. In just an hour of computer time, I can’t even tell you the amount of coupons, codes, and discounts he can find. Its really embarrassing, especially if you were to compare mine and my husband’s internet productivity side-by-side… yeah –  But I can’t tell you every thread that appeared on BuzzFeed today, so hey! That’s something….

In any case, subscription boxes are all the rage right now. Graze, Loot Crate, ispy, etc. Well, somehow my amazing husband found us a way to try a food service for a fraction of the subscription fee. I’ll admit I was skeptical. The menu on the website showed complete meals with vegetables and various meats. What condition would these ingredients be in by the time they got to my doorstep? Rotten meat? Bruised veggies? With a name like “Hello Fresh” you’re setting the customers’ expectations pretty high for fresh ingredients. I was NOT disappointed!


I don’t get commissions for this post, never once in my 2 years of blogging have I even been asked to review a product, this is 100% based on something my husband initiated…. it.was.AMAZING.

The package comes with a recipe booklet, with detailed instructions and pictures so you can compare your work to the pros. The recipes are complex enough that you feel like you’re doing something new and exciting, without being overwhelming. I can honestly say, we cooked dinner each night in 30 minutes (take that, Rachel Ray) and the meals are also, HEALTHY. Generous portions of fresh veg with delicious proteins to accompany them.

We ordered 3 meals, so in our box, we had 3 separate bags. Each meals’ ingredients were grouped off so you weren’t struggling to find what you needed in a sea of their products. Organized… Easy.


I wasn’t even going to write a post about our first meal. It was going to be my best kept secret from my readers. Once we had the shrimp dish tonight, though? Oh man, I was itching to share the experience with you guys! It was a lime skewered shrimp, cilantro rice, and pineapple-avocado salsal. SO GOOD. We have one more recipe left, that I will have in a post coming soon.


In the mean time….. Want to see what I’m talking about? You can try Hello Fresh just like Hubs and I did! He was nice enough to send the link and discount code my way so I could share it with you all! Follow THIS link, and enter code S2VC69
Those that use the code (if they are first time) buyers get $40! Ingredients will be sent right to your door! Kept fresh, and cool with multiple ice packs 😉 This subscription seriously made my life so much easier this week.I knew I could count on healthy delicious meals that were different, yet easy to prepare. It even got Hubs and I in the kitchen working together. I just can’t say enough good things about Hello Fresh… so give it a try!

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