Mommy Fashion


The Sumer edition of Mommy Fashion.

In a couple weeks, for 4thof July weekend, my family and I are FINALLY going to Kalahari! If you’re not from Ohio, you may not know what that is…. But you should! It is one of the best water parks in the USA! When I had first moved to Ohio, but was home visiting, I caught a special on the Travel channel about America’s top waterparks. This was over 4 years ago, so forgive me that I don’t remember where Kalahari actually ranked on the list, but the fact that it’s on the list at all is enough for me! The waterpark is a good 4 hours away from us, which is why the rest of the family has been reluctant to go, but with the 4th of July festivities they have at the parks, I know everyone is excited an anticipating the trip!


In celebration I bought a few essentials for our weekend getaway, that I know will also last me through the rest of summer.

DSC_1978 DSC_1988

The Maxi dress – Many people give the maxi dress a bad rep. “It does nothing for your figure” they say. Yes, well, as a new mom, I don’t really want my figure to be enhanced. I am perfectly fine to let it be cloaked by a light, breathable fabric. The jersey knit fabric of this dress helps stretch the bikini-like top, to make nursing easier.


Racer-back nursing bra – This particular dress has a really awesome crocheted detail on the back, and I didn’t want to distract from it with big bra straps on either side. However, I really do need to be able to nurse. This bra by Cake, is my favorite racer-back style nursing bra. It’s comfortable, distributes the weight, gives you some shape, and is easy to nurse with.

A big sun hat – I’m sure you have all purchased hats and little rash guards for your kids, to keep them safe from the sun. Well, mamas need that protection too! But while you’re busy reapplying sunscreen on everyone else, you may forget to take care of yourself in the shuffle [the epitome of motherhood]. My solution: wear a broad sun hat that will at least protect the face until you find the time to reapply.

One of the perks to Kalahari is that they have many indoor attractions that get kiddos out of the sun. I’ll definitely be writing a review when we return! Wish us luck and safe travels!

What are your favorite summer essentials?

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