Decorative Kite DIYje


Since my in-laws take our baby at least once a week, my mother-in-law asked me to create a space for the grandkids in their house. Since I’m addicted to Pinterest, I was especially excited about this project. I’m putting the finishing touches on the room now, and I’ll be sure to do a full post on it when I’m done, but I wanted to share this adorable DIY with you! I was inspired by this picture to make a kite for the baby’s room at grandma’s:

bbd534f703df286193ded70e1813b533All you need is:
-at least 2 feet of scrap fabric
-6 popsicle sticks
-hot glue gun

I hot glued the popsicle sticks together, wrapped the fabrics around the frame, hot glued it to the popsicle sticks, then glued ribbon on where I saw fit. So easy! Not to mention, adorable. I’m doing a wall with the moon and stars, and I plan to place the kite there. I can’t wait for you all to see the finished product!


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