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We had so much fun over the holiday weekend at Kalahari waterpark! Even though it was fun, there are still pros and cons I’d like to share about our experience there, especially if you plan on going with little ones!

Food: Take my advice, go out to eat some place else. Its not that the food was bad, but for the price they charge, I should be impressed, and I was not. In fact out of the 5 of my family members that came with us, none of them were impressed with the food. Luckily, the waterpark is super close to all kinds of fast food and sit down restaurants.

Hotel: Expensive, but in my book: totally worth it. It was so nice to take a break from all of the water attractions and just head up to the room without drying off, changing, and loading everyone into the car to drive to a hotel down the street. If you have a mix of young and old kids, you could let the older kids stay down by the water while you put the young ones down for a nap. It was extremely convenient to stay on site.

Attractions: there is some thing to do for kids of all ages. There is a really awesome, rollercoaster style slide for the thrill seekers, and a lazy river for those just looking to relax. Single rider slides, family raft rides, you name it! My one complaint is this: kids under 70 lbs need a lifejacket to do pretty much anything there. They have jackets available there for you to borrow, otherwise you need to bring your own coast guard approved lifejacket. For older kids, this isn’t so hard as they still have a decent amount of mobility while in a life jacket. We however, took our 20 lb. baby, who could barely move in her oversized, Kalahari issues jacket. She cried whenever we put her in it because it came up to her chin and made it difficult for her to do anything besides float. Oh, and that’s the other thing… you have to have your baby on your lap at all times. I tried to rest my daughter on top of my lazy river raft, so that her feet were dangling in the water, not allowed. No, she had to either be in the inner tube with me [which was impossible due to the ridiculous size of the life jacket] or she had to some how be on my lap while I was laying in the inner tube. We had our own special floatie that we brought with us to put our baby in. Unfortunately, the waterpark doesn’t allow any kind of floaties unless they are sewn into a coast guard approved lifejacket.

Basically, if you go with a baby, you’ll spend the majority of the time being frustrated and hating the lifeguards. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend it for families who have kids ages 5+ or even just for adults looking to get away. They have a 21+ area with a swim up bar.

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