Pregnancy Announcement Outtakes.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know my family is expecting baby #2 this February! In classic blogger/Pinterest fashion, I got to work right away on a cute announcement.

This first try resulted in this photo, a very unhappy big sister. Which was comical enough to warrant saving, but not what I wanted for our Social Media debut:

Next, I tried doing a photoshoot with her in this amazing “Big Sister” shirt from Though the shirt is cute, the foil lettering made the actual shirt hard to read in the pictures due to the reflecting sunlight. Also, said sunlight made our little Sugar Plum squint in every frame. This turned out to be our best shot, but I hated how I left a lawn chair in the background… FAIL. 

One day, baby got into our cabinet filled with Disney Infinity toys. That got me thinking, there’s got to be a whole Disney family among those figures…. Yes, The Incredibles! Lucky for me, we had the mom, the dad, and the big sister. It was perfect! This is what our final announcement looked like:


I set it as my cover photo, so I can display it until the baby comes.

I hope you got a laugh at my other picture fails! If you didn’t catch it on facebook already, I had posted my favorite picture fail of all earlier in the week… I call it, ‘Mom Selfie: Interrupted’


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