What do you need for Baby #2?


Lets face it, when baby #1 comes around, you’re clueless. Who knows if I want a ring sling versus a structured baby carrier? Do I even need either of those? Isn’t that what strollers are for? And why are there 500 different types of bottle nipples? You don’t really know what you’ll need, what you or your baby’s preferences will be.

I have a closet full of things I thought I would need, that I didn’t end up using. I thought the anti-colic Dr. Brown bottles would be a life saver for me, and perhaps they would have, if Sugar Plum hadn’t only wanted to drink exclusively from tommee tippee bottles. I have about 20 Dr. Brown’s. Want to know how many tommee tippe bottles we have? One. That’s right, only one of my daughter’s preferred bottles. In any case, I will be putting together a small registry for baby #2, now that I’ve been able to try a variety of products with baby 1. Here are some thing I’m thinking of:

1. white noise maker – for some reason, I thought our baby mobile would suffice. Little did I know, it sounded like the loudest music box known to man and required a loud cranking, in order to get the music to begin. At some point, Hubs got a stuffed animal that played a variety of noises, one of them being white noise. We’ve been able to get by with this toy, but I’d rather invest in an actual white noise machine for future babies to come.

2. more bottles – I breastfeed, in fact, I had an easy time breastfeeding with no latch problems or tongue ties. That being said, my baby loved to nurse. The tommee tippee bottle is much closer to resembling a breast than the Dr. Brown’s model. Since I know I will be primarily breastfeeding, I think its wise to invest in bottles that I know my baby will be able to transition with.

3. Nursing essentials –  with that being said about the bottles, I was pretty clueless as to what I would need for nursing. I figured they made nursing bras, but I had no knowledge of nursing tanks, tops, or nightgowns. You can get by without all of these things, but since we plan on having more children after #2, it seems like now is a good time to start investing in pieces I’ll be using over and over again [also, they DO make life easier as a nursing mama]

4. essential oil diffuser –  When you have a baby, particularly one under 12 months, it is very hard to medicate the child for anything. Luckily, a friend introduced me to the world of essential oils. When Sugar Plum was sick or seemed to have allergies, I couldn’t give her any kind of medicine, but diffusing oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender, helped her to breathe easier and sleep better. It’s definitely not some thing I ever would have thought to register for, for our first child.

What are things you wish you had the first time around?

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