Grocery Hacks

Just last week I posted about why we eat organic. One of the ways we can afford to do that on a low, single income is by hunting for marked down items. Guys, this is the easiest tip I can give you! Yes, my husband is an extreme couponer, but this is the trick I use when I go to the grocery store alone [trust me, I never use coupons…] Maybe its because organic foods obviously lack the preservatives found in other foods [expiring sooner] which is why I can always find marked down food for a fraction of the cost. No matter what the reason, this mama is happy.


Get familiar with your grocery stores “mark down” stickers. We shop at Kroger, and luckily their stickers are bright yellow which makes finding these items a lot easier to spot. The more familiar you become with your store, the quicker you will find these steals!

Be open to trying new things and different brands. The other day I bought a freezer meal containing egg whites and potatoes. Its was disgusting. Luckily, I only paid $2 for that regularly $6 priced meal. On the other hand, my husband picked up that burrito bowl for me the other day, and it was delicious! I usually prefer Justin’s almond butter, but we found the brand pictured below in our store a few days ago. Almond butter can be up to $8 nowadays so I didn’t mind trying a new brand for more than half the cost.


Take your time in the grocery store. Whenever I take baby to the store with me, its usually right AFTER nap time. She’s well-rested, usually has a snack, and doesn’t mind people-watching while I shop. This lets me scour the aisles for the deals I want. I know shopping with kids isn’t always convenient, but with a little bit of planning [mostly, bringing snacks] it can be a pleasant outing, and a nice way to kill time until Dad gets home.


Close out items are another great way to save money. This usually means the store is getting rid of that line of product, so don’t get too attached! These labels will look different from the “mark down” stickers so be on the look out. I have found so many things on close out: teas, detergent, kitchen utensils, even Burt’s Bees cosmetics!

Screen shot 2015-07-27 at 6.09.13 PM

If and when I think of any more hacks to save you money, I’ll create a “part 2” but until then, be on the look out for these little taggies next time you’re in the store! You can still save money while trying to eat and live better.

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