Baby Led Weaning Update.


As you can see, our fork skills aren’t quite 100% yet. However, I have to give Sugar Plum some credit, she doesn’t gag as much, she puts pre-loaded utensils directly into her mouth without trouble, and she at least attempts to use utensils herself with some actual success some times! There are certain foods she gets burned out on [like the one time I gave her plumbs for 5 days straight…] but otherwise, she is willing to try anything at least once.

I am just so proud to watch all her little human skills developing! When I tell her food is “hot” she will immediately blow on it — ADORABLE. Baby Led Weaning is by far the funnest thing I have gotten to teach her. It is so amazing to watch babies try next tastes and textures and watch them react to the bounty of God’s creation. Eating is definitely one of life’s pleasures and it has been a blast getting to introduce her to that.

If you don’t remember, from my previous posts, BLW consists of letting your children begin with finger foods at 6 months old. This teaches them fine motor skills, independence, & the ability to bite off and chew chunks of food. I’d say Sophie has developed in all of these ways and has enjoyed eating like a “big girl” since she often gets to eat small pieces of whatever mom and dad are eating for the evening.


If you have any questions on BLW feel free to send a message my way on facebook, or by all means, GOOGLE IT!

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