Our Anniversary Weekend


Finally! My new camera charger came in the mail [thank you Amazon Prime…] and now I can share with you the wonderful weekend Justin and I had.

We stayed at the Oglebay resort in West Virginia. It was the perfect, rustic getaway. There were deer all around the grounds, including cute bambi, baby deer! There were shady walking trails, paddle boats, gardens and a spa. The area was on top of a hill, tucked away, like a romantic retreat. I never would have picked it myself, but my generous in laws paid for one night as a mother’s day gift for me, then another night for Justin as his father’s day gift. I’m so glad they did because we had such a wonderful weekend.


The weather was perfect, warm with a cool breeze, no humidity or anything! Hubs and I like to hand out and relax, but we’re also foodies. Luckily there was a shopping center 20 minutes away called The Highlands. We had plenty of options to choose from and shops to hang out around.

DSC_2225 DSC_2227

It was nice to return to our hilltop retreat, though. If you live in the tri-state area, I highly recommend it! There were many butterflies out, thanks to the lovely blossoms and weather. I treasure our time there.


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