First Trimester Recap


We’re about to head into the 14th week, here! I can’t believe the time flew by so quickly when it was so excruciatingly long the first time around. I thought now would be a good time to give y’all an update.

If you follow my on instagram or facebook, then you’re probably more informed than most readers. That being said, I haven’t really documented this pregnancy as explicitly as Sugar Plum’s. I did have morning sickness, luckily, it didn’t last as long this time around. At 11 weeks, it began to taper off and by 12 weeks, it was almost completely gone. However, I traded that nausea for lower back pain, migraines, acid reflux, and the frequent peeing [mostly because I’ve been trying to hydrate to get rid of the migraines… you just can’t win]. Oh, and let’s not forget fatigue. Yes, feeling sleepy is a pretty consistent symptom I suffer with daily.

Now that we’ve covered the cons, let’s talk about the PROS this time around. With Soph, I threw up almost every day, some times even twice a day. Out of the entire 13 weeks of this first trimester, I’ve only thrown up TWICE. I know you really don’t want to hear about my vomit ratio, but I feel like I have bragging rights because that is seriously amazing people! The other beautiful thing I want to share is that I’ve been feeling baby flutters lately! Nothing too intense, but I definitely know there is a little swimmer in there because every once in awhile I can feel its little wiggles!

Last, I could not have survived the 1st trimester without these items:

  1. Preggie Pop Drops
  2. Sea Bands
  3. essential oil diffuser + sweet orange essential oil
  4. peppermint gum
  5. TUMS [I like the cherry flavored chews]

I also got frequent foot rubs from my husband and had monthly chiropractic adjustments.

I’m excited to see what the 2nd trimester brings! I have had acid reflux since the beginning of this pregnancy, while not having it until the third trimester with baby #1. It is so strange to me how our bodies can react so differently to the same process. from what I remember with Sugar Plum, the 2nd trimester was a breeze despite having to pee often. Hopefully I will have an easy trimester this time around too!


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