Why Grandparents Rock

Like many internet-savvy moms, I am apart of many “mom forums” and groups on websites like thebump.com and facebook. We use these outlets to ask questions and get second opinions from more experienced moms, as well as we use it to vent. Many Some times, grandparents get a bad reputation. They feed your kid sugar when you’re not looking, discipline doesn’t exist when your kids are at their house, and some times kids are granted things by grandparents that parents would never allow. The grandparents themselves, I’m positive, have experienced this same phenomenon when they too were young parents. While there are many internet jokes and articles about frustrations we have with our parents, I wanted to dedicate this post to the top reasons grandparents are actually awesome. 
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  1. Your child rarely needs new clothes. At least, that’s been my experience. Granted, Sophie is the first grandbaby for each of our parents, and that might have some thing to do with it, but she already has a wardrobe for next year, including 4 swimsuits, 4 winter coats, a plethora of onesies, and 3 additional swimsuits for our upcoming vacations. Between my moms love of shopping, and MIL’s love of scoring a good deal, I don’t know if I’ll ever really *need* to buy clothes for my kids.
  2. You child never needs new toys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my mom ask “Does Sophie already have some thing like this?” [insert picture or link of some new baby toy] In addition, I’ve also heard my In-Laws claim “her face just lit up when she saw it!” One year olds don’t have a ton of talents, but one of them for sure is suckering grandparents into treating them. Of course I still buy my baby something to put under the tree at Christmas, but the point is, I really don’t have to, and she’d still have an abundance. I mean, she’s a 1 year old, only child at the moment and we have 3.5 rooms devoted to her toys.
  3.  They’re role models without being role models. I know, depending on what kind of parents you have this can seem to be a more frightening reality then some thing to celebrate, but let’s try to keep it positive here! I have a really weird, random memory of painting my grandma’s nails and telling her how my mom was *maybe* going to let me watch a PG13 movie [it was the Jennifer Lopez ‘Wedding Planner’]. We went back and forth, as I painted her nails in what I thought to be a really boring beige color, discussing why PG13 movies are some times not appropriate for girls under 13. The specifics, I don’t entirely remember, but I recall my grandma wanting to protect my innocence in a way that I respected. When parents try to pull this, there is always outrage and resistance from the children, but for some reason, I felt inclined to listen to my grandma.
  4. They make great babysitters. Whether they volunteer to take your kid for an entire weekend, or agree to have a Skype date because you’re seriously out of ideas for entertaining the kids until dad gets home, grandparents are usually happy to help. Thanks to my In-Laws who live close, Hubs and I have been able to maintain some what of a normal date-life since they love taking Sugar Plum once a week. Thanks to my mom, when I’m exhausted and don’t feel like putting that SAME PUZZLE together AGAIN, she’s there to distract Sophie while I catch my breath. Grandparents are people your kids are already familiar with, plus they know they can skirt the rules, so they basically never fight having to be watched by a grandparent like they would a random sitter.

And those are just a few of the reasons why I think Grandparents rock!

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