Sugar Rush Monday

This weekend was dreary, wet and cold… true Ohio fall weather. While the grandparents had Sophie for the day, J and I decided to head up to Pittsburgh to see a movie. We left early to account for traffic plus extra time it may take to drive slower in the rain. Since we ended up in the city a whole forty minutes before the movie, we decided to swing by my favorite gluten free bakery, Gluuteny. And yes, I am a glutton for their goods.

Hubs always pokes fun at me over how excited I get for “over priced cupcakes” but the reality is, I don’t think they’re over priced, especially if you’re a gluten-free, home baker. If you want a quality product at home, you have to buy weird ingredients you’re only going to end up using a teaspoon of [I’m looking at you xanthan gum and arrowroot powder…] and a good recipe usually requires 3 different types of flours [almond flour, coconut, tapioca, etc.] Finally, even if you produce a delicious batch of gluten free goodies, they don’t last long. You can try to refrigerate them, maybe even freeze them, but they don’t quite taste the same due to the nature and texture of baking with gluten free ingredients. So, am I willing to pay $4 for a single g-free cupcake? Yes! No work for me, it’s delicious, and not wasteful. Win, win, win.

Anyway, walking through the doors of that bakery always makes me nostalgic since I had them make the top tier of our wedding cake, and have used them for countless other events in our lives. Here’s what they had when I stopped in on Saturday:


Macarons [commonly mistaken for macaroons] I have no problem laying down some cash for these cookies. They are extremely hard to make… I mean, it took me 3 batches to get them right for Easter last year. The tan looking one was Caramel Macchiato which I immediately jumped for! I love coffee but for some reason, I get horrible reflux when I drink it while pregnant. This sweet treat reminded me of all those quiet mornings I used to spend nursing a warm cup of coffee in the fall. Now, I wrestle a 1 yr old while trying not to spill my tea. The pink was raspberry, also delicious!


Mini Bunt Cake – this was actually in the “day old” section, but I didn’t care. These little cakes make me particularly nostalgic because I bought 2 the week of my wedding. One to eat while I got ready [cake for breakfast, don’t care] the second I ate at the airport while we waited to board our plane to Punta Cana. When I took out this cake and smelled it, I was instantly transported to the memory of waking up on my wedding day.


Little Debbie Copycat – I love these cupcakes. They are an elevated twist on a school girl classic. Those Little Debbie, chocolate cupcake, filled with whipped cream? That’s what these are! All gluten free and glorious!

The shop also had a variety of pumpkin scones and fall decorated sugar cookies [one of which I ate as we sat in traffic]. Our movie didn’t turn out to be that great, but the trip to the bakery was certainly satisfying! Now back to reality. Though, I do recommend starting your week off with a sugar rush! YUM.

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