Don’t Panic


As we’ve already established, my parenting style is fear-driven. Panic is almost inevitable when it comes to thing not being done properly in my motherly vocation.

I ate regular Cheerios instead of organic… What if I poisoned my unborn baby?
The house is a mess, what will [name of visitor] think?
I can’t remember when Sophie last ate a vegetable… she’s going to develop childhood obesity! 
I procrastinated writing this post until 7 pm, tomorrow morning every one will have un-followed me. 

It’s exhausting. And [obviously] scary. I’m not saying you shouldn’t consider a healthy diet for your children or make an attempt to have clean house, but some times we just need to CHILL OUT with our parental duties. I was just sitting on the couch thinking about what it would be like if I did everything perfectly as a parent: made all organic food from scratch while I washed my baby’s cloth diapers, then, do yoga with my four year old since her legs may be cramped from sitting in a rear-facing car seat for the entirety of her life [and let’s face it, my perpetual “baby bump” needs to go], afterwards we put together a bunch of home made sentimental crafts that we clean up instantaneously, while also making the house look like a Pinterest board come to life.

How is that any LESS exhausting than worrying about not doing all those things? Again, if you’re the alpha-parent who actually achieves all of these feats, then I applaud you. But to those of us who wont’ can’t? It’s ok. You show your child you love them, and show them how to love others, and that’s pretty much the top 2 things I’d say determine whether or not you’re a “good” parent. You can strive for greatness, but feel free to surrender to just being “good”.

Good is good.

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