Baby Update: Halfway There

1530468_10151873116166239_267548366_n 12049207_10153198838801239_4267912865534494266_n
[Left: me at 20 weeks with Sophie, Right: 20 weeks with baby #2]

That’s right, last Friday I passed the 20 week mark! On Monday we had our anatomy scan, commonly known as the gender ultrasound. Of course, Hubs and I had the tech seal the results on an envelope that will not be opened until our party! I just can’t believe we’re halfway already!

The second trimester has been a breeze for me. The first was horrible, but aside from some exhaustion, I’m doing pretty well! I do have heartburn, but I manage that with tea and tums. My weight gain is right on track, only having gained a few pounds, and overall I feel great. I haven’t really had any specific cravings… only some times do I want some thing salty, and other times I want some thing sweet [usually chocolate, duh, but I don’t think that’s a pregnancy thing…] I’ve only felt a little bit of flutters from this babe so far, and Justin has been lucky to catch a few faint kicks, but this baby is no where near the karate kid that Sophie was. [at least not yet.]

The weather is definitely getting more chilly as we continue to move into fall, but my hormonal hot flashes are keeping me warm šŸ˜‰ Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly as we have highly anticipated trips to both New York and California this month!


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