Gender Reveal: Beau or Bow?


I was so excited for this party and everything went perfectly! As you know from my Chic Gender Reveal post, I really wanted to avoid pastel pinks and blue’s for this party. We mostly invited adults, and I wanted it to feel more like a regular party than a baby shower. Of course, I kept the theme playful with fun prints like stripes and polkadots, and there are token pink and blue decorations.

DSC_2928 DSC_2936

The hardest [but most fun] part of the party was leading every one to believe that we also didn’t know the gender. We had intended to find out at the actual party with every one else, but upon talking to a few people we had a change of heart and decided to peek at the gender a few days before the party. My husband was grateful, as he is a more shy and private person, and wasn’t initially excited about having his first reaction to the gender on display at the party. While I thought it’d be fun to be just as surprised as every one else, a friend of mine who had just had her reveal party said that even though she thought she didn’t care about the baby’s gender, deep down she was expecting it to be a girl and when the cut the cake to see it was blue inside, she burst into tears in front of all her guests. I really didn’t want my hormonal water works to be forever recorded on video either, so that sealed the deal for us wanting to find out in private before the party.

DSC_2942 DSC_2940

We had our guests vote and then represent their vote with either a bow/mustache straw or a sticker. We drew winners from the winning pot and it was really a blast!


I had to work extra hard on this cake to make sure there was no pink peeking through, but I also had to try and convince everyone that the cake came from a bakery if I wanted them to think that J and I were clueless about the gender still. When people asked where the cake from, I sneakily said, “It’s a secret!” and joked that I didn’t anyone calling up the bakery to try and find out the gender! Right before we cut the cake I said, “Ok, do you REALLY want to know where this cake came from? I MADE IT!” Most were surprised that we had kept a poker face all afternoon about not knowing the gender, while a few people shouted “I KNEW IT!”

DSC_2935 12112288_10153221097416239_8325210841210811366_n

Overall the party was so much fun. We thought it might be awkward mingling our friends with family, but everyone bonded over either how chilly the weather was, the gender of the baby, how good the food was, or Ohio State football. I really can’t imagine the party having been any better, and I am so thankful we got to share the experience with some of our favorite people!


We can’t wait to welcome a new little girl into our home! Now it’s time for me to dig out all of Sugar Plum’s old clothes from the basement!

DSC_2930 DSC_2926

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