A Love Affair


So, if you’re facebook friends with me, then you probably got bombarded with my California pictures already, but for those poor unfortunate souls who only follow my blog, I wanted to share them with you too!


Being an overweight, 5 month pregnant woman isn’t easy. Being an overweight, 5 month pregnant woman who needs some thing nice to wear for a wedding was just down right depressing. WAS… was depressing. You see, I found this beautiful Jessica Simpson maternity dress that I thought I looked great in! It was modest without being frumpy, and although it was black polyester, it kept me surprisingly cool at the 80 degree beach wedding I attended [I mean, I still had hot flashes, but the sweating was at a minimum, and that’s saying a lot.]


So no, Jessica Simpson is not paying me to write a product-placement post, I just wanted to share with you that I actually felt beautiful for once during this pregnancy. Maybe I was high on feel-good hormones from both baby and getting to be reunited with my whole family, I don’t know, but my cousin’s wedding was just a genuinely good evening.


For being a Halloween wedding, they really didn’t do over-kill on the Halloween details. The colors were a chic black, white, and gold, with gold pumpkin place cards, dia de los muertos cake topper, and candied apple buffet. While Dana and Lindsay have a beautiful love story of their own, any wedding I attend always makes J and I reminiscent of our own engagement and wedding. Every wedding we attend is secretly a celebration of our own marriage. Every time we dance or make eye contact at a reception, I feel like a bride again and he a groom.

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