Mommy Make Up Hacks


Some of you may remember my 5 minute make up routine that I created especially for busy mommies, but I have shortened it even more for those days when you want to dash to the grocery store and not be embarrassed to run into some one, yet don’t want to put on a full face of make up. Also many of these tips involve drugstore make up items, so we’re going for quick AND budget savvy, here.

Instead of concealer some times I just swipe some powdered foundation under my eyes (my current favorite is Infallible ProMatte powder by Loreal). If I’m hormonal or my skin tone is really uneven for some reason, I’ll do an extra swipe starting from my forehead down the bridge of my nose. It takes 2 seconds, and while it’s not as good as having the full coverage of actual foundation or a tinted moisturizer, it eliminates the most noticeable parts of the problem.

Instead of eye make up like eye lash curling, mascara, eye shadow, and liner… I only apply the liner. When I’m trying to be quick but still get a polished look, I love to use liquid liner. A cat eye looks chic and will give you the most drama for not having any other eye make up present. However, some people really struggle with winged eyeliner which would actually cost them more time trying to perfect it, than if you were to use a standard liner. Either way, using liner is a great way to highlight the eyes without putting in too much effort. In fact, I only do my top ids, which helps make my eyes appear slightly bigger [and more awake and alert]. Maybelline Line Stiletto in black is my drug store favorite.

Instead of lipstick and lip liner I go for a tinted lip balm. I know I’ve said this before but serious, buy plenty of them and stash some in every diaper bag. Go for a more neutral color, but some thing that still stands out slightly from your natural color. Burt’s Bees has some great options and also do the best job at hydrating your lips.

Instead of dark nail polish use light colored polish. I know, many of us rarely have time to give ourselves a manicure, but on that one day when your kiddo takes an extra long nap, go light with your polish color! When it starts to chip, the light color polish won’t contrast as much against the color of your natural nail. If you go with black or dark red, your eye will instantly be drawn to the chip every time you catch a glance of your hands. Light polish helps your mani to appear prettier for longer.

What are your beauty secrets?

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