5 Things I Love About Winter

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Being a Southern California native, there wasn’t a lot for me to love about winter when I first moved to the Ohio Valley. I mean sure, witnessing your first snowfall is pretty magical, but after that — then what?

In fact, I remember an encounter with my roommate during my very first winter here. I was shivering as I came back from class, complaining about the cold when she said, “Well, of course you’re cold… Where’s your winter jacket?” I was so confused and responded in all seriousness, “This IS my winter jacket,” while pointing down at the hoodie I was wearing. Um hello, when it’s below 60 degrees, you throw on a hoodie, duh. While my hoodie was adequate for San Diego winters, I was totally clueless about how to handle a real winter.

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As of this year, I will have spent a total of 5 winters back east, so I wanted to share with you, some genuine reasons to love winter. These are the little things I have to hold on to when I haven’t seen the sun shine for a week straight.

  1. Citrus season! Blood oranges and clementines, I seriously binge on these fruits in the winter. Not only are they at peak deliciousness, but they are reminiscent of warmer days.
  2. Natural Beauty. Ok so Ohio is pretty ugly once all the colorful fall leaves have disappeared from the trees, but it is redeemed through the beauty of snow fall. My favorite thing about a big snowstorm is walking outside just after the climax, to hear nothing but the sound of fresh snow beneath my boots.
  3. Indulgence. Of course the holiday season is the classic time to indulge, but if you know me, then you know I go hard all the way until spring. Hot beverages and baked goods just should not be limited to the holiday season, people! Nothing motivates me to preheat the oven and sip on hot cocoa like 30 degrees.
  4. Being stranded. Ok so this one is slightly romanticized. Being stranded in your car on the highway during a snowstorm would be bad… Having a legitimate excuse to stay in and cuddle? Not bad. When I see the snow covered road, I start praying for cancellation of any plans. In SoCal we could say “yeah, I tried to come see you, but I saw the traffic was just too bad.” Our 2 lane highway never has any traffic to rival that of the 405, so snow is all I have to work with in the way of canceling plans.
  5. Holiday denial. For some reason, people in Ohio keep lights and decorations up for longer, and not just because they’re lazy… it’s intentional. While I don’t know the exact reason why, I’d guess it’s because they don’t know how to reconcile still having snow, with out the enhancement of twinkling lights and happy snowmen. It’s much easier for the brain to live in a happy place of “Christmas wasn’t that long ago… it’s still the most wonderful time of the year! Surely if this snow is still festive then so are my holiday lights!” At least, that’s my thinking. I typically keep our holiday decorations up until Valentines day, where I then reluctantly pull out some pink and red decor, before the real excitement comes in March and I actually get to bust out the SPRING decorations!

What’s your favorite thing about winter?

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