Christmas Cookies

I’ve found that Christmas cookies are excellent, last-minute gifts, no matter how cliche they may seem. They’re consumable, which means its not some knick-knack that’s going to clutter some one’s space. Delicious, and more people are willing to indulge during the holiday season. And shareable, so even if you end up making some one a batch of cookies that aren’t they’re favorite, now they have some thing to bring to their next holiday party [the worst case scenario].

I put together gift baskets for Justin’s grandmothers this year, mostly because I couldn’t bring myself to buy them both yet another pair of slippers. I put in salty snacks, water bottles, candy, fruit, and protein bars because those were all things that didn’t require the preparation of a meal while still being satisfying snack to eat while sitting on the porch or watching TV. Of course I wanted to top it off with some homemade goodies. Additionally, we’ve been putting our mailman to extra work this season with packages upon packages being delivered to our house everyday, so I wanted to leave him some thing nice as well. I know a good ol’ cash tip is what most people recommend, but with a baby on the way and the cost of holiday travel, cookies are what we had to offer.

Here are the 2 recipes I made:

peanut butter corn flakes 
buckeyes [my blog’s namesake, of course!]

We had corn flakes to use up and also bags of gluten free pretzels about to expire [which I ground up and used in my buckeye recipe]

What’s your favorite holiday cookie?

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